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The Oxford Apple & Mac Users Group is for …

New to Apple Macs, iPhone, iPad – your questions answered

New members are always welcome – join by email today

Getting together … informal bi-monthly Techinical and Social meetings

Communicating … getting the latest buzz through a lively email discussion list – with other registered members

Help! … buddy-based problem solving – very helpful

Join in the fun and get the most from your Mac, iPhone, iPad or other Apple device ...


Venue for Technical meetings

The Headington Baptist Church website.

Headington Baptist Church, 78 Old High Street,
Headington, Oxford OX3 9HW

There are one or two on-street parking spaces near the Headington Baptist Church itself, and the council car park by Waitrose has a lot of spaces (£1.20 for 2 hours until 8pm).


Venue for social meetings

The Lamb & Flag, 12 St Giles, Oxford OX1 3JS more details and history: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lamb_%26_Flag,_Oxford


Mac Help Tips

Thanks to Peachpit press for these excerpts, click the headings below

Quick and Easy Spotlight Searches

The search capability in every application or window on the Mac is powered by a built-in application called Spotlight. In Address Book, select a person's card. Then hold down the Control key and click the person's name; you'll get a contextual menu in which you can choose to Spotlight that person. Every email message to or from that person or in which that person is mentioned will be found, plus every relevant file on your Mac. In Safari, TextEdit, Preview, or in any Mail message, Control-click to get a menu that includes an option to "Search in Spotlight."

Cut Back on Printer Files

Earlier versions of Mac OS X installed a huge number of printer support files so you could print to nearly any printer. However, your Mac probably interacts with one or two printers at most. When you're upgrading from Leopard or Tiger to Snow Leopard, click the Customize button on the install screen to access a new option that can really make a difference. Display the Printer Support options and choose Printers Used by This Mac to update only the printer files that exist on your machine. By contrast, choosing Nearby and Popular Printers installs over 600MB of printer description files for common printers and for those found on the network; choosing All Available Printers adds 800MB of printer files.

Automatically Add an Address to Your Address Book

While you're in Mail (not Address Book), you can automatically add an address from an email message you receive. Open the message in Mail, right-click (or Control-click) the email address in the From field, and choose Add to Address Book in the pop-up menu. If the contact information is already in your Address Book, the pop-up menu item says Open in Address Book.

Excerpted from The Little Mac Book, Snow Leopard Edition by Robin Williams


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