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Add a Saved Search to the Sidebar

When you save a Spotlight search as a smart folder, you have the option of adding it to the sidebar with other predefined searches. Click the Save button near the top of the New Smart Folder window. In the dialog that appears, click the Add To Sidebar checkbox to instruct Mac OS X to add an alias of the folder to the sidebar.

When a Dock Item Jumps Up and Down

At some point you might see a Dock item jumping up and down, over and over, as if it's trying to get your attention. It is. The jumping indicates that a particular application needs you. Click the jumping icon, and that application will "come forward." Then you'll probably see a message on the screen, such as "Do you want to save this document?" or "This application couldn't do what you wanted." Just do whatever the application wants you to do. This jumping action is different from the "bouncing" you'll see when an icon starts to open. The bounce is little; the jump is big. It's actually kind of cute.

Print as a PDF

The print capability in Mac OS X is useful even if you don't have a printer, or you don't want to make a paper copy of something. Because the Portable Document Format (PDF) is deeply ingrained into the operating system, you can "print" a document to a PDF file. This feature is great for saving receipts of online orders or articles to read later when you may not have an Internet connection. Choose File > Print, click the PDF button, and choose Save as PDF. Specify the file location and any desired metadata or security options, and then click Save to save the PDF to disk.



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Meetings 2010

Meetings are usually held in the comfortable Physics lecture theatre in the Denys Wilkinson Building, Keble Road Oxford OX1 3RH. It's on the corner of Keble Road and Banbury Road at the top of St Giles where there is usually plenty of parking occasionally we hold meetings in other venues – please be sure you check the email list and web site before each meeting.

Meetings usually include a raffle – get your ticket at the beginning, and listen out for the draw. Previous prizes have included various Software, Flash memory sticks and iPod accessories. There is a small £2 entry fee for meetings: this helps to cover the cost of the venue, and – more importantly – helps towards the prize you might win!

The usual start time 19:30, please make sure you arrive in good time as the building is secure and has controlled access which means we all need to go in at the same time. There is a general pre-meeting gathering, from about 19:00, for general discussion, problem solving and Apple/Mac/iPhone/iPod chat.


12 January

Cancelled – sorry

The January OxMUG meeting has been cancelled due to the unpredictable weather conditions, we look forward to a great February meeting. We have rescheduled this to 11 May.

9 February

Mac hidden gems: Learn Xcode Tools

If you are a Mac user who wants to start writing great software for the Mac or iPhone, or an experienced developer new to the Mac or are just curios to know what Xcode Tools are, this is for you.

You will learn how to get the most out of the Xcode development environment, data modeller, Interface Builder design tools, the Instruments analysis and performance utilities and a host of useful techniques.

Step by step tutorials will introduce you to the Xcode developer tools and show how to develop, debug, test and deliver great software for the Mac and iPhone.

Learn Xcode Tools for Mac OS X and iPhone Development, Ian Piper's new book aimed at new developers for the Mac and iPhone. This book will be your friendly deskside companion in learning how to use the rich toolset available for free on every Mac the Xcode Developer Tools.

You can learn more about the book, including a table of contents and some downloadable code projects, at the: website

Ian will be giving away a signed copy of this new book.

Plus will be an opportunity to discuss the mystery Apple announcement on 26 January.


And a special: Do you believe Macs are 100% safe from viruses?

Whatever your viewpoint this is your chance to preview a new security application on the Mac and provide feedback to the developers!

OxMUG has been approached by a leading security company to seek your views and has extended this invitation to all members.

Curious? Well finding out more is simple; just come along to the this OxMUG meeting.

Due to the confidential nature of this preview we are unable to provide more details here. Please note, you will be asked to sign a confidentiality agreement if you decide to participate.

16 February

OxMUG Committee meeting moved on, to 16 March

9 March

Show & tell, Listen & learn, Do & remember

Come along with your Mac, iPhone or iPod quick tips, and quick questions.

Throw questions, offer advice, get answers..

An opportunity to:
Show your favourite application, knowledge or a solution you've found.

Show your must have USB gizmo, if you've not seen Ross's USB Christmas tree you're in for a treat, hopefully Barbara will show her star prize from last year's AGM, the Wacom Bamboo tablet.

We'll be covering most things Apple: Mac; iPhone and iPod

16 March

OxMUG Committee meeting

13 April

What people do with their Macs

… a day in the life of Nigel Coke-Woods, he says "… I probably use my Mac in a different way to most people"

11 May

Colour management

A special event – lots have asked for about it, yes all you need to know how to get those colours right on your digital photos. Peter Lovelock from Colour Confidence, Peter says:

In this Talk, you will gain a better understanding of what colour management is and why it is so important in todays digital photography environment. You will be guided through the colour management workflow process, with advice on settings, equipment and why images may not be appearing as expected between devices. We will briefly look at image capture, monitors/projectors, printers, software settings and the theory behind the "art". Once concluded, you will be in a much better position to achieve more consistent results, getting what you expect from input to output.

18 May

OxMUG Committee meeting

8 June

Mac Cult

Stuart Fisher on the unique appeal of Apple.

Christian also will do a round-up with some of Apple's most memorable ads screened since the momentous 1984 launch of the Mac, followed by the video of Steve Wozniak's visit to Oxford in 2006 on his “iWoz!” book tour.

13 July

Apple – its transition into the mobile company of today

Ross will be leading the discussion of Apple's newly launched mobile OS: iOS4, the new iPhone 4 and a round-up on the iPad

10 August

iPunting / iDunking for some

Our regular summer punting/dunking social from Bardwell Boathouse up the river Cherwell to the Victoria Arms in Marston. See the OxMUG members mailing list for details

14 September

Digital Photography

What you need to do to improve your digital pictures: Paul HR will be showing Aperture 3, Peter will show Lightroom version 3. We may also have time to touch on the latest Photoshop CS5.

21 September

OxMUG Committee meeting

12 October

Meeting is a general getting-to-know-you social / Q&A in the Lamb & Flag in St Giles at the usual time of 19:30.

9 November

Photoshop, getting to know it.

Gary Ombler, professional photographer, will be showing how to make the best of your photos. He'll also look at some of the recent additions (some esoteric) have recently been added and facilities that photographers have been yearning for. Check back here for a more detailes update.

16 November

OxMUG Committee meeting

14 December


And social evening - details to be confirmed


2011 preview





Meetings are held at the Denys Wilkinson Building in Keble Road, Oxford OX1 3RH Google map

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